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Examining the lumbopelvic-hip movement pattern in a subgroup of patients with low back pain during the active straight leg raise test

Author(s): Meissam Sadeghisani, Majid Rezvani, Payman Rahmani, Homayoun Tabesh, Farshad Nikouei


This study aimed to investigate the differences in lumbopelvic-hip movement pattern between patients with lumbar rotation with flexion and people without low back pain (LBP). A total of 20 male patients with lumbar Flexion + Rotation, confirmed based on the movement system impairment model, and 15 men without a history of LBP were included in this study. The participants performed the active straight leg raise (ASLR) test and kinematic data related to hip-lumbopelvic-hip complex were collected with a motion capture system. Results: When the patients performed the ASLR test with their non-dominant limb, excessive posterior lumbopelvic tilt was observed in either the first half range of motion or the overall range. Amount of this motion was greater in comparison to that in healthy controls. Moreover, hip and lumbopelvic movements had a more synchronous pattern in patients with LBP than in healthy individuals. When patients with lumbar Flexion + Rotation syndrome perform the ASLR test with their non-dominant lower limb, lumbopelvic region exhibits a greater magnitude of posterior tilt in comparison to healthy people.

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