Experiencing Malaria Earlier Aggravates the COVID-19 Symptom | 91064

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Experiencing Malaria Earlier Aggravates the COVID-19 Symptoms

Author(s): Senol Dane* and Murat Akyuz


Introduction: In the present study, the effects of the frequency of experienced malaria and flu/cold on the symptom severity in patients with COVID-19 were investigated. Materials and Method: Subjects were those who experienced COVID-19 and recovered. Eighty-one subjects were included in the study. All of them were voluntarily to participate in this study (51 men and 30 women). Out of 81 cases, 48 were expat and 33 were Nigerian. Data was collected by using an online survey. The survey was shared by using social media. Results: The number of symptoms and overall symptom severity were higher in people with 2 or more malaria than in people with 1 or zero malaria in the last year. However, there is no difference between people with 2 or more flu and people with 1 or zero flu. Conclusion: These results show that to have malaria disease before aggravates COVID-19 symptoms. Therefore, it can be stated that malaria is additional risk factor for COVID-19. Precautions to decrease malaria infections in Nigeria can be beneficial to decrease COVID-19 cases and deaths of COVID-19.

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