Exploring the Satisfaction of Hospital Staff from the Accreditation Program | Abstract

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Exploring the Satisfaction of Hospital Staff from the Accreditation Program

Author(s): Amir Ali Ghazanfari, Parsa Yousefichaijan and Ali Arjmand Shabestari*


Introduction: One of the new phenomena in health care system is implementation of hospital accreditation program. Regarding to the key role of hospital staff and the usefulness of evaluating the satisfaction of hospital staff in implementing hospital accreditation program to further enhance this program and fix its drawbacks and deficiencies, the present study was aimed to investigate the satisfaction of the staff of Amir Kabir Arak Hospital from hospital accreditation program.

Methods: This descriptive survey was conducted on all employees of Amir Kabir Hospital in Arak, Iran. Based on the axes of accreditation program, a questionnaire consisting 28 questions with 9 different axes of the accreditation program was provided to the staff. The data were also analyzed using SPSS Statistics 23.0.

Results: Based on the findings of the study, 9 main topics including accreditation at the core of the governance, management, risk of accidents and disasters, the centerpiece of the executive management team, improve quality, fault management, human resource management, supply management and accommodation facilities, infection, and compliance the recipients were servants. The satisfaction rate of these axes from the viewpoint of the employees of Amir Kabir Hospital was found to be at average level.

Conclusion: In general, the results of our study showed that the level of satisfaction of hospital staff with hospital accreditation programs was are average level and accreditation can be implemented correctly through the establishment of good platform, appropriate selection of the proper model of accreditation, justification of the beneficiaries regarding the necessity of accreditation, continuous monitoring, the establishment of appropriate information systems, transparency of information along with changing the overall attitude of the organization. Consequently, there will be positive effects in achieving the goals of the hospital and improving the quality of services.

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