Facial and Dental Trauma among Accident Victims (Epidemiolog | 1390

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Facial and Dental Trauma among Accident Victims (Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Treatment)

Author(s): Seyed Ali Mosaddad, Maryam Erfani


Dental and facial injuries may happen in many motorcycle accidents. In most cases, the injured person is referred to a doctor immediately to assess the possible wound. Therefore, control and management of the damaged teeth and preserving them is necessary to protect the damaged teeth. This study aim’s to investigate the maxillofacial trauma by survey the victim of motorcycle accidents which are visited by Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. Therefore, 330 patents in six month of 2015 were studied to gathering information. Moreover, most cited manuscripts have been reviewed in detail to obtain treatment proposal procedure for this injured. The result shows that the most frequent incident is a man motorcycle driver in midnight with 88 percent frequency in contrast 12 female. 52 of patient had license but 87 percent did not use helmet at all. 51 percent of patient had dental trauma and other just had facial problem. In this study, most of maxillofacial injuries are related to complicated crown root fracture with 17 percent frequency, and after that the Luxation was the second frequent injury with 16.4 percent. Finally, based on the result, some research topic proposed which could be useful to researchers.


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