Factors Affecting Bonding Strength of Artificial Teeth: A Li | 1786

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Factors Affecting Bonding Strength of Artificial Teeth: A Literature Review

Author(s): Mohammad Taghi Baghani, Niknaz Yahyazadehfar, Amirhosein Zamanian, Kamyar Abbasi, Fereshteh Shanei, Shireen Shidfar, Zahra Zohri


One of the main problems in dental prosthesis is the wear and tear removal and fracture of artificial teeth. The removal of artificial teeth is due to several factors. This review study aims to investigate the factors affecting the bond strength of artificial teeth. Electronic search in pubmed, science direct, google scholar, uptodate, wiley online library with keywords denture bases, artificial, tooth, bonding strength between 2010 and 2017. Acrylic resins provide greater bonding strength with artificial teeth. This may be due to better monomer release at the junction and an increase in the temperature of the polymerization. The type of tooth can also be effective in determining the strength of the bond between the teeth.


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