Factors influencing Periodontal Condition in Adult patients. A Clinical Cross-Sectional Study | Abstract

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Factors influencing Periodontal Condition in Adult patients. A Clinical Cross-Sectional Study

Author(s): Hisham A Mously, Abou Bakr H Hashem, Mohammed M Toras, Amal M Bajukhaif, Raghad A Alghamdi, Ghada H Naguib, Mohamed T Hamed and Abdulrahman A Maghrabi*


Background: Periodontal diseases are widely growing among adults and this condition is less common among individuals that put significant consideration into maintaining their oral hygiene. Objective: The present study aims to analyse the factors that are significant in determining the prevalence of periodontal diseases among adults. In addition, this study aims to analyse the prevalence of non-surgical and surgical treatment that were done for patients who need. Methods: A total of 197 individuals were included through the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Four experts calibrated examiner and a standardized technique of clinical and radiographic examination was done for all the sample. Pearson chi-square test was used to analyse the data. Results: Results of the study provided that the prevalence of periodontal disease was significantly common among males, while poor oral hygiene served as the most common cause. Besides, the prevalence of non-surgical treatment was common among female population. Conclusion: A positive relation appears to exist between the gender and periodontal status. Furthermore, lack of oral hygiene serves as the main cause of periodontal conditions. Non-surgical treatment for periodontal conditions is the dominant and is preferred in the most of cases.

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