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Family satisfaction with quality of care in the intensive care unit: A study in central India

Author(s): Aman Agrawal, Anshool Kumbhare, Sanket Bakshi, Sunil Kumar*


Background: Family members view are crucial in assessing the quality of intensive care unit (ICU) care. For the sake of improvement in the standard of care provided, the inclusion of patients along with their family members in medical care is an important attribute in various nations. This participation can span multiple components of health care, from participating in informed judgement to providing feedback on the care provided. A majority of enduring patients are too debilitated to participate during their stay in intensive care and many are unable to reminisce about their stay in intensive care. Relatives of the patient frequently spend ample time in the intensive care unit, and their assessment of the care provided by the healthcare system corresponds well with patient evaluation, making it fair to utilize family members to evaluate patient’s care. Objectives: To assess whether the family members are pleased with the quality of healthcare provided in ICU. To look into potential follow?up needs of the patients’ relatives. Evaluate contribution of each domain in the care providing facilities of ICU. Methodology: A validated template of questions will be distributed amongst the family members of patients who are admitted to hospital in the Medicine ICU of a tertiary care hospital at Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Wardha. The adapted version of the questionnaires which were used in the studies published previously will be translated in Hindi, so as to make it convenient for the patient’s relatives to fill it. The results will be then analyzed statistically and the answers will be recorded, tabulated and would be graphically represented. Results: The study would play a key role in assessing the satisfaction and the level of knowledge, attitude and practices of families of the patients in context of the degree of the health care provided within the Medicine ICU.

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