Fibromyxoma of Maxilla???A Case Report of Rare Odontogenic T | 53924

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Fibromyxoma of Maxilla???A Case Report of Rare Odontogenic Tumor

Author(s): Praveen Kumar Pandey*, Dipyaman Sen, Manish Kumar, Vikrant Kunwar, Neha Upadhyay and Chandan Kumar


Fibromyxoma is a benign, painless, and locally destructive tumor is quite a rare finding of oral cavity. The etiology of tumor is unknown, but mandible has been found to be more commonly involved than maxilla. Moreover, its limited occurrence to the teeth bearing areas and occasional presence of odontogenic epithelial fragments within the tumor is suggestive of odontogenic origin. It’s histological and radiological features makes a fibromyxoma difficult to differentiate from other odontogenic tumor leading to its misinterpretation as malignant lesion and therefore we here present a rare case of fibromyxoma of maxilla describing its clinical and radiological aspects with its post-operative follow up. 

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