First Trimester Vaginal Bleeding and its Consequences on the | 94227

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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First Trimester Vaginal Bleeding and its Consequences on the Current Gestation

Author(s): Niranjani S, Reshmi S*, Aravinda Hariram and Minthami Sharon


Vaginal bleeding which occurs early in pregnancy is a normal sign of implantation of the pregnancy or it could herald the initiation of an abortion. It could also be associated to pathologic condition such as ectopic pregnancy/gestational trophoblastic disease. In this study, we focused on the effects of first trimester vaginal bleeding and its outcome of the current gestation and the results concluded that those who experience vaginal bleeding during the first trimester of pregnancy face a high risk of abortion, and those who continue to carry the pregnancy are at greater risk of adverse maternal and neonatal outcomes

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