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Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Food and Nutritional Research: Post-Genomic Opportunities and Challenges

Author(s): Durgesh Wadhwa, Alpana Joshi*, Anita Chauhan, Megha Walia


Different research studies have led to the direct connexion between food and health to ?d out about the effect of sec?c food ingredients on particular corporal functions. The word 'functional food' is used in Japan as the ?rst word for food with unique bee?ca functions. Chronology of the human genomes has provided a new way to nutrition science in the newest age. In the near future, it will easy to ?d the underlying mechanisms of the relation between the nutrition and the health and provide nutritional advice regarding lifestyles. There is brief debate over the food role in the evolution of the human being from the ancient times. The threat of illness is also related to common mutations in single nucleotides, but their effects depends on intake of the diet and nutritional conditions and are most commonly seen in studies that involve metabolic problems in treatment. Nutritional science encompasses a broad range of disciplines, which encompasses the whole organisms and the genetic studies, to clearly understand the interaction between diet and the health. This is a best example for the integrative biology, which necessitates the use of a system biology approach. A yearly incidence of diet-related diseases in the National Health Service is estimated at over £16 billion and while food is an integral component of any preventive plan, it is not as critical as it is. There are limited resources for multifactorial as well as the polygenic character of chronic diseases, but future bee?ts for quality of life and the economy are immense

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