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Food Consumption Pattern and Food Handlers Hygienic Practices During Covid-19 Outbreak Among South Indian Population

Author(s): Gulappa Devagappanavar*, Namitha MY and Rekha S Sonavane


Background: Corona virus disease pandemic caused psychological, economic, and social problems among the mankind in worldwide. Because of this outbreak health, business, routine life, economy, education system, social and cultural practices are affected. Methods: Cross sectional study was conducted in the Gadag district headquarter and peri-urban area from 19th February 2020 to 13th March 2020 using semi-structured interview schedule. Convenient sampling technique method was adopted to obtain the data and data was analysed using SPSS v20, expressed in frequency and percentage. Results: Out of 124 participants majority (86.35%) of them are following vegetarian diet due to disease outbreak. 86.3% of them are washing their hands before food preparation. Most of them are started washing fruits and vegetables in hot water after corona virus disease outbreak. Nearly half (46%) of them are washing their utensils using dish wash bar along with water after this pandemic. Usage of turmeric powder (37.9%) and green leafy vegetable (84.7%) level is also increased. Conclusion: Study concludes that due to corona virus disease pandemic, people changed their food preparation and consumption practices to break the spread of infection through hand hygiene and cleaning practices.

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