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Forensic Medical Assessment of Thanatogenesis in the Experience of Gunshot Injuries

Author(s): Julia V Zbrueva*


Gunshot injury remains relevant at the present time and requires serious study. During the examination of a gunshot injury, it is necessary to answer the investigator's questions about the cause of death, the type and rate of thanatogenesis, the distance of the shot, the sequence and mechanism of damage formation, and the severity of the injury. The aim of the study was to determine the type of thanatogenesis in death from various types of gunshot injuries. Standard methods of sectional research, forensic histological methods, morphological and statistical analysis, supplemented with semi-quantitative technologies of thanatogenetic analysis were used in the study. The material for this study was 85 cases of death from gunshot injuries, which was distributed by gender, age, location of the injury, type and rate of thanatogenesis, type of gunshot injury (bullet and shotgun wounds), the distance of the shot and the duration of hospital stay.

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