Gingival hyperplasia and quality of life | 1376

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Gingival hyperplasia and quality of life

Author(s): Pushpalatha G, Madhura Shivakumar, Melwin Mathew, Deepthi Suvarchala


Gingival enlargements are a common clinical entity and most of them manifest as a part of developmental, reactive and inflammation or neoplastic diseases. Among these reactive lesions, fibroepithelial hyperplasia is a histological variant of fibroma and a proliferative fibrous lesion of the gingival tissue. The enlargement affects the regular oral hygiene procedure, esthetic appearance, speech, mastication, quality of life and also increases the chances of more inflammation and infection of the gingiva. These lesions are due to chronic irritation and trauma. Many of these lesions are difficult to diagnose because of similar clinical presentation. This case report discusses the clinical presentation, histological evaluation and management of fibroepithelial hyperplasia of gingiva.


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