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Goodness of Fit Index of Clinical Nursing Competence Self-Assessment and Outline of the Physical and Mental Problems of the Student Society

Author(s): AR Bharathi*


To assess the psychosocial adjustment problems faced by the first year B.Sc nursing students in selected College of Nursing, Chennai. To find the association between selected demographic variables and the psychosocial adjustment problems among the first year nursing students in selected college of nursing, Chennai to associate mean score on psychosocial adjustment with selected demographic variables. A study conducted to identify stressful events experienced by first year nursing students especially in the clinical setting and their coping strategies and found that the most frequently reported stressful event was developing interpersonal relationships dealing with 'patients emotional problems, evaluation in clinical area, conflicts between what was taught in the nursing school or college . Students have homesickness, somatic complaints and adjustment problems in hostel were very common in the female students, whereas many male students expressed a desire to quite the programme, because they felt the profession was not meant for them as it is a female dominated profession they were there simply because of pressure from parents who had managed to secure them a seat with the hope that they would go abroad and make a comfortable living completion of the course.

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