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Graphene Based Polymer Nano-composites for the Prevention of Corrosion

Author(s): Mukesh Kumar, Gopal Arora, Mohinder Pal


Graphene has involved in theoretical and commercial attention because to its unique   thermodynamic properties, mechanical, and biochemical. By its amazing lattice, graphene or its equivalents have indeed been recognized as anti-corrosive additions inside the production of polymers coverings. Graphene can prevent hydrogen and oxygen atoms form migrating towards the interface of morpho substances, protecting the metal against oxidation-corrosion, by forming exceedingly tortuous pathways. The research looked at the usage of graphene-based materials in the creation of numerous polymers matrixes as barriers coverings. The foundations of anti-corrosive colour change, including its current condition, are discussed in this review article. A most extensively used nanoparticle polymer composites synthesis processes are gathered, covering liquid and molten mixing, as well as in-situ polymers. The mechanism of GPCs providing barrier qualities in terms of stage of dispersion and inherent traits is emphasized. The advantages and disadvantages of carbon materials polymeric materials are also discussed in order to address problems that may arise in later technology and applications.

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