Growth factors: Role in periodontal regeneration | 1475

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Growth factors: Role in periodontal regeneration

Author(s): Suchetha A, Manjari Lalwani, Darshan BM, Sapna N, Divya Bhat, Koduru Sravani


Periodontitis is caused by bacterial biofilms results in devastation of periodontal tissues, including cementum, bone, and periodontal ligament (PDL), with ultimate tooth loss if left untreated. Studies targeted at understanding the disease at the cellular and molecular level as well as clinical investigations have resulted in improved therapies for arrest of disease progression. Moreover, beyond arrest of disease progression, substantial evidence exists indicating that regeneration of periodontal tissues is a viable treatment for selective situations. There is a need; however, to improve the predictability of regenerative therapies. A variety of regenerative therapies have been introduced, with some success in periodontal tissue regeneration. Growth factors are polypeptide molecules released by cells in the inflamed area that regulate events in wound healing. These are naturally occurring proteins that regulate various aspects of cell growth and development. Researchers are now exploring the potential applications and uses of growth factor in periodontal regeneration.


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