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Guided Tissue Regeneration Membrane

Author(s): Shivani Thakare*, Bhairavi Kale, Khushboo Durge and Pavan Bajaj


For repairing periodontal tissues lost as a result of periodontal disease, the biological principle of "Guided tissue Regeneration" (GTR) was created. This theory was based on the idea that by using a membrane barrier, non-desirable forms of tissue cells can be kept from migrating into a wound while also giving precedence to those cells that can regenerate the desired type of tissue when repopulating the wound. This idea could be used in a variety of surgical procedures aiming at regenerating missing tissues. Osseous surgery, which focuses on bone regeneration, is one such specialty. Biocompatibility, cell occlusiveness, space making tissue integration, and clinical manageability regeneration (GTR) to cure bone abnormalities are all characteristics that must be met by barrier membranes for guided tissue (GTR) to cure bone abnormalities. [profil a?k ierik kabul etmiyor][eklenecek yer buylamad?m][eklenecek yer yok]

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