Halitosis as an Issue of Social and Psychological Significance | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Halitosis as an Issue of Social and Psychological Significance

Author(s): Artak Heboyan*, Anna Avetisyan and Anna Vardanyan


Halitosis or bad breath often occurs a barrier in social contact and might lead to the development of psychological complications. Patients suffering from this condition commonly seek the aid of different specialists for the diagnosis and proper treatment. Effective treatment can be achieved only under the conditions of accurate diagnosis and clarification of etiology. It should be noted, that solution to the problem requires interdisciplinary approach involving medical specialists in different fields in order to avoid misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment. Difference and controversy in etiological factors and approaches to the treatment of halitosis, mentioned in the literature necessitate further investigation and analysis. Taking into consideration an individual’s social and psychological manifestations which are conditioned by halitosis, the objective of the study is to analyze the causative factors, diagnostic methods and treatment options aimed to maintain oral health as well as to restore an individual’s mental health, self-confidence and social status.

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