Hand Washing Facilities and Adherence To Hand Hygiene Practices In a Tertiary Care Centre in Southern Rajasthan | Abstract

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Hand Washing Facilities and Adherence To Hand Hygiene Practices In a Tertiary Care Centre in Southern Rajasthan

Author(s): Suresh Meghwal, Shalabh Sharma, Antima Galav, Manish Jain


Background: Infection prevention and control is an integral component of health care delivery in any setting to reduce risks for morbidity and mortality in patients. Adherence to hand hygiene recommendations is the single most important practice for preventing the transmission of microorganisms in health care, and directly contributes to patient safety.

Aim: To assess the hand washing facilities and adherence to hand hygiene practices among different health personnel.

Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study has been conducted at tertiary level institution i.e. RNT Medical College, Udaipur and Associated Hospitals from 25th of July 2013 to 25th of October 2013. Data was collected by personal interview and observations of Healthcare personnel and Hand washing stations.

Results: 70% hand washing stations were in good condition. Running tap water was available at 78.33% stations. 44.28%doctors performed hand hygiene practices before patient contact and 58.57% were found to perform hand hygiene practices after patient contact. In case of nurses, 28.41% hand hygiene practices observed before and 36.36% practices after patient contact. Highest practices related to hand hygiene in general ward were observed to be 56.67% in neurology unit followed by 53.33% in ENT and Obstetric unit.

Conclusion: Guidelines related to hand hygiene practices need to be widely circulated. Hospital should develop their own training module for developing the skills of all health care personnel to address issues related to hand hygiene practices and infection control practices.

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