Health Sector Response to Viral Hepatitis in the Selected Countries | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Health Sector Response to Viral Hepatitis in the Selected Countries

Author(s): Mohamad Ezati Asar, Ebrahim Jaafari Pooyan, Rashid Ramazani, Alireza Oliaeimanesh, Abolghasem Pourreza


Viral hepatitis is an important public health concern worldwide. The current study aims to compare prevention and control programs of viral hepatitis in Egypt, Georgia, Pakistan and Australia. This is an international comparative analysis study, which by using document review, Australia, Egypt, Pakistan and Georgia was purposely selected. Then, their national programs in prevention, screening and treatment were compared. For data analysis, the narrative review methodology was used. Hepatitis C and B prevalence in Pakistan was 5 and 2.5%, respectively. Injecting drug use was the main transmission way. Among investigated programs, Gerogia was only focused on hepatitis C, although hepatitis B prevalence was 2.9%. In Australia, Strategic program for screening and diagnosis was mainly focused on priority populations, such as those who inject drugs, those who are cultrally and linguistically different. To achieve viral hepatitis elimination, countries must focus on its prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Prevention reduces the incidence, screening at risk and high risk groups, and case finding, and affordability and access to treatment for patients.

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