High-Speed Driving Trends of Medical Students, Majmaah Unive | 91087

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High-Speed Driving Trends of Medical Students, Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia

Author(s): Hussam Zain*, Sami Alanazi, Mohmmed Althumairy, Abdulrahman Aldhawi, Madania Mohammed Nore Idrees Ejiel and Elabbas M Ebaid


Background: Speed driving means exceeding the allowed speed limit, a major problem worldwide, which can increase morbidity and mortality rate. Exceeding the speed limit have been associated with increase prevalence of road traffic accident. Objective: The objectives were to study the trends of high-speed driving among students at medical college in Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia and to determine its reasons Methods: This study was cross-sectional (prevalence study), to study the rate of high-speed driving among students at medical college, Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia. A pre-tested questionnaire was administered to the sample and Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) was used for data analysis. Results: This study showed high prevalence of exceeding the speed limit while driving among the students at medical college, 89% of the students admitted that they tend to race beyond the speed limits. Conclusion: The rate of high-speed driving among medical students of Majmaah University is high. There is a significant association between high-speed driving and the attitude of chatting with someone while driving. Being in a hurry is a major reason behind fast driving.

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