Histomorphological Features of Brain Recovery in Rats with T | 82833

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Histomorphological Features of Brain Recovery in Rats with Traumatic Brain Injury During Various Exercises

Author(s): Bulat Ildarovich Vakhitov* and Ivan Sergeevich Raginov


Microscopic examinations of the tissue of the medulla from the cortical-subcortical region on the injured side after a traumatic brain injury and various exercises were performed. During the first day after modelling of traumatic brain injury all age groups of experimental animals showed a decrease in the number of intact neurons, an increase in the number of degenerative changed neurons, as well as glial elements. The most favourable mode of physical activity for all age groups of animals is dynamic exercises in the form of systematic swimming. While limited motor activity and performance of isometric exercises after a traumatic brain injury restrain the processes of restoration of the cellular structures of the brain tissue.

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