Host modulation therapy- An innovative paradigm in dentistry | 1330

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Host modulation therapy- An innovative paradigm in dentistry

Author(s): Latha G, Suchetha A, Darshan B Mundinamane, Apoorva SM, Divya Bhatt, Vinaya MP


Inflammation comprises a series of events that leads to a host response against trauma and microbial invasion, resulting in liquefaction of surrounding tissues to prevent microbial metastasis, and eventually to healing of injured tissue compartments. Thus, by definition, the host response involves not only the mechanisms of defence but also processes of repair of damage that occurs by the direct effect of invaders or trauma or host systems. Periodontal diseases are inflammatory processes in which microbial etiologic factors induce a series of host responses that mediate an inflammatory cascade of events in an attempt to protect and heal the periodontal tissues. The adjunctive use of host modulation therapy can enhance therapeutic responses, slow the progression of the disease, and allow for more predictable management of patients, particularly in those patients at increased risk caused by factors beyond the reach of conventional therapeutic approaches.


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