Human Rights Challenges in Discarding Excessive Embryo from | 1732

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Human Rights Challenges in Discarding Excessive Embryo from Gender Selection through PGD Approach

Author(s): Leila Naseri, Mahmoud Abbasi, Mehrdad Hashemi


One of new scientific innovations which increased human selection latitude is children gender selection through pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). Gender selection through this approach has some proponents and opponents and according to opponents in addition to neglecting the legal dimensions of embryo gender selection, the concerns about gender imbalance, sex discrimination and preferring sons on daughter in the societies have doubled the importance of this subject. Unlikely, proponents set forth some arguments such as increase of parents autonomy, parents control increase on family composition and balance and preventing the unbridled growth of population. Regarding extirpating excessive embryo in laboratory in gender selection method, also different views are set forth which some consider the illegality of this deed for extirpating embryo after implantation in uterus not before that.


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