Hydrogels: Synthesis and Applications | 93345

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Hydrogels: Synthesis and Applications

Author(s): Jayalakshmi Prasanna Kumary*


Because of biochemical or "physical bridge" of each polymeric chain, hydrogel addresses to Three-Dimensional (3D) framework of hydrophilic polymeric matrix that may expand in ???d and absorb ample amount of water while maintaining their structure. Hydrogel products are a set of polymer composites with hydrophilic composition that allows them to bind large amount of water in three-dimensional structures. Widespread use of such objects in a range of new and environmental settings is regarded as crucial. Natural hydrogels were gradually phased out in favour of engineered hydrogels, which have an increased water integration cap, a longer service life, and wider range of synthetic chemical assets. Hydrogels have been around for a generation and are still used in a variety of methodologies ranging from industrial to normal. The production, characteristics, and applications of hydrogels have been subject of several ??ec???c articles, audits, and monographs. This article discusses main points and limited applications of hydrogels centred on old and new formulations in this.

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