Immunohistochemical Expression of HSP47 and CD206 in GCF and Fibroma of Oral Mucosa | Abstract

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Immunohistochemical Expression of HSP47 and CD206 in GCF and Fibroma of Oral Mucosa

Author(s): Zahraa Naji Shenbooj* and Ban F Al-Drobi


Background: The GCF is a mucosal fibrous mass that differs from other oral fibrous hyperplasia’s by a number of characteristics. The cause of this disease, which was initially documented in 1974, is still unknown. The existence of the giant cells with mono or bi-nuclei characterizes the GCF histopathological. Aim of the study: This study aimed to Immunohistochemical assessment of HSP47and CD206 in GCF in comparison to fibroma. Method: Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue blocks of thirty cases (15 GCF and 15 fibroma) were retrieved from the Oral Pathology Laboratory at the College of Dentistry, the University of Baghdad in the period from 2002 to 2020. Four micrometer thick sections were cut and mounted on positively charged slides and stained immuno-histochemically with antibodies to HSP47 and CD206. Statistical analysis was performed concerning the evaluation and comparison of the Immunohistochemical in the above-mentioned lesions. Results: the Immunohistochemical analysis showed a stronger and more diffuse immune-expression of the HSP47 and CD206 in GCF than fibroma. Regarding the score of HSP47, in GCF the majority of cases was score four while in fibroma scored three. Moreover the highest score of CD206 was three in the GCF and fibroma. Conclusions: Positive staining for HSP47 indicates that GCF has a mesenchymal differentiation that appears as spindle shaped cells forming the stromal tissue and mono-bi or multinucleated giant cells.

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