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Impact Of Covid19 in Pregnancy

Author(s): Priyanka Kabra, Sandhya Pajai*, Amardeep Tembhare


Background: Still birth rate is very much high in developing countries and very high in developed countries and shown little or very less improvement since the past 20 years. Preventive strategy which reduces risk factors could be important in rate reduction of foetal & maternal mortality rate, with Hepatitis B and Covid 19. Mother infected with Hepatitis b and covid 19 are an important public health problem, because this not only affects the maternal health but also the foetal outcome. Fetuses born to this mother have quite low immunity. Hep B is a very serious disorder which affects foetal outcome. Hepatitis B is transmitted by parenteral route. Parenteral route means this virus can be introduced by all routes except through the intestinal tract. Case description: A36 -year-old female with the history of G5P2L1A2D1 and with 40 weeks of gestational period with previous 2 Abortions and is a case of chronic Hepatitis B. On admission, she was having amenorrhea. Her lab investigation reports suggested she’s Covid 19 Positive. She was kept in medicine ICU where her labour progressed and she delivered a dead baby boy. Objectives: Female examined the causative factors, treatment plans, recovery in pregnancies with Hepatitis B and Covid 19. Conclusion: Infection of Hepatitis B with covid 19 while pregnancy is linked with more mother and foetal morbidity. Quick screening, seeing for complications, monitoring, and intervention are helpful in reduction of mother and foetal adverse effects, especially in high-risk pregnancy cases. Pregnancy gives a chance to physician to control or stop the disease progression and start healthy life.

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