Impact of Fixed Orthodontic Appliance with Diabetes Mellitus | 53238

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Impact of Fixed Orthodontic Appliance with Diabetes Mellitus and Curcumin on the Body Weight of Experimental Rat

Author(s): Zahra Kased Hussein*


Background: This study aims to investigate the effect of diabetes mellitus, fixed orthodontic appliance and curcumin on the weight of experimental rats.

Materials and Methods: Orthodontic tooth movement (OTM) take place in one side of a 'Split- mouth design study in 40 male Wistar albino rats, divided into four groups: non-diabetic group (n=10), non-diabetic and curcumin group (n=10), induced diabetes group (n=10) and induced diabetes and curcumin group (n=10). Diabetes type1 was induced and insulin was given throughout the experiments for controlling high blood glucose levels. Fixed orthodontic appliance with a closing-coil spring delivering 30 gm of force was used to move the first molar mesially while the incisors serving as an anchor unit. The weight of the animals was measured once a week till the day of scarifying the animal after 3weeks.

Results: the results showed that all groups suffered from an intense weight loss during the third week and concluded that fixed orthodontic appliance, diabetes mellitus and curcumin can be considered as causative factors. Conclusion: the study concluded that diabetes mellitus, orthodontic treatment and curcumin cause reduction of body weight in rats.

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