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Impact of Video Games on Physical and Psychological Wellbeing Among Medical Students

Author(s): Abdulmalik B Albaker*, Sawsan M Abdalla, Alhanoof S Almuhideb, Ohoud A Alobaid, Fai M Alanazi, Taghreed O alfadhel and Bushra S Alsakran


Introduction: Nowadays video games became like an addiction for every group age especially students because of their intensive stressful life online gaming and challenging became trendy. The consequence and affects for playing video games are always there upon the types of games short and long-time effect from strategy to violence games the effect on academic performance, sleep to the psychological part. Aim: The aim of this research is to assess the prevalence of addiction to video games and its impact mental and physical health in a sample of university students from al-majmmah region of Saudi Arabia. Materials and Methods: This cross-sectional community-based study was conducted among students in Majmmah University, college of medicine 2019. The study population includes all students in the Al Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia in the educational year of 2018-2019. The sample size includes total 234 students selected by multiple steps stratified sampling method. Data were collected by using pre-tested and pre-coded questionnaire among 234 students. Results: Psychological effects of video game among medical students were shown in table 3. 9.2% of students playing video games they sleep less than 3 hours ,22.7% of the students playing video games sleep 3-5hours ,57.1%of student playing video games they sleep 5-8hours ,11%of students played video games they sleep more than 8 hours (table 9) 19% (n=31) students have GPA 4.5 and above, 19.6% (n=32) students have 4.4-4.1, 29.4%9 (n=48) have 3.5-4, 27% (n=44) have 3-3.5 and 4.9% (n=8) have GPA 2 and less than that. Conclusion: This study showed that prolong between playing video game effecting sleep habit, but not effect sleep hours.

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