Importance of Vitamin B12 for Diabetic Patients Treated with | 88692

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Importance of Vitamin B12 for Diabetic Patients Treated with Metformin

Author(s): Nasrullah Aamer, Naeema Asghar, Yar Muhammad Tunio, Fouzia Fouzia, Dayaram Makwana, Atif Ahmed and Niaz Hussain keerio*


Metformin is among the most frequently prescribed medication for type-2 diabetes Miletus. It has been diversely approved through research studies that it suppresses the hepatic glucose production along with boosting insulin signalling in muscles, adipose and hepatic tissues. As an observation on a long-term basis, it has shown the deficient results causing anaemic condition. Some studies have reflected that longer duration of metformin use decreases the level of vitamin b12 that is considerably more than 2000 mg/d with four years of study. Its prevalence has increased worth more duration and doze in use, with an exceptional peripheral neuropathy that is the only clinical presentation without any symptoms of hematological signs. Presently, there are no obvious guidelines except the consideration of level in perspective of level of metformin on different doze. We have explored different studies, by consulting the literature work and exploring its relevance with the doze intake.

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