Incidence of Thyroid Cancer in Long Standing Multinodular Go | 5078

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Incidence of Thyroid Cancer in Long Standing Multinodular Goiter: Prospective Study

Author(s): Manee Mahmood Ali, Aqeel Shakir Mahmood, Warkaa M. Al-Wattar


Introduction: Multi-nodular goiter is a common presentation of many thyroid diseases. Thyroid nodules are present in 4%- 7% of the people on neck palpation. Multi-nodular goiter was thought to be at a low risk for malignant changes, as compared to its single nodule, but many studies showed a significant risk. Aim: To determine the incidence of thyroid cancer in longstanding multinodular goiter after histopathological examination of thyroid specimens following near total or total thyroidectomy.

Patients and Methods: This prospective, observational study was done in the surgical Department of Baghdad Teaching Hospital, by our team in the first surgical unit-second floor, over a period of twenty five months from December 2014 to January 2017. All the patients with multinodular goiter were evaluated and they were offered surgery by near total or total thyroidectomy. The specimens were sent for histopathological examination to assess the incidence and the types of various types of thyroid cancer in Multi-nodular goiter.

Results: Among the 147 Multi-nodular goiter cases which were studied, 19 (12.9%) cases had a thyroid malignancy. Papillary carcinoma constitutes 74% of the cases and it was the most common type of malignancy observed.

Conclusions: Multinodular goiter could be assign of different types of thyroid malignancy. The most common type was papillary carcinoma.


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