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Internal sphincterotomy as a postoperative pain relieving method in patients operated for open hemorrhoidectomy

Author(s): Prashant Mukadam, Shakib Masu


Background and Objective: Open hemorrhoidectomy is a standard, curative and operative procedure for hemorrhoids of second and third degree. Postoperative pain is the most common and important concern of the patient, the fear of which prevents patients from preparing for surgery. This surgical procedure commonly creates three raw areas in the anal region. Performing the procedure that helps in healing these raw areas definitely helps to alleviate postoperative pain and discomfort. It is this hypothesis that led us to study internal sphincterotomy in addition to routine open hemorrhoidectomy.

Material and Methods: 20 patients with second or third degree hemorrhoids, admitted to Sheth LG General Municipal Hospital from May 2013 to February 2014 were studied and their postoperative course was analyzed. A subjective observation and questionnaire was formed and observed. Patients were given routine postoperative analgesics and other drugs. Our observation included the analysis of mild / moderate or severe pain on the postoperative days from the 1st to the 5th. Discomfort while passing stool and need of injectable analgesics in the postoperative course was also observed.

Results: Most of patients complained about only mild pain in the postoperative course. Postoperative complication rate was minimal.

Conclusion: Our procedure of adding internal sphincterotomy along with internal hemorrhoidectomy was well tolerated by patients and it increased the comfort level of the patients successfully.


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