Intracanal Medicaments and Its Recent Advances: A Review | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Intracanal Medicaments and Its Recent Advances: A Review

Author(s): Harsha P Rathi*, Manoj Chandak, Payal Chaudhari and Anuja Ikhar


The crucial goal for an endodontic treatment to be successful is absolute eradication of microorganisms, thereby products and pulp residues from the affected root canals with absolute sealing and depuration from the microorganisms present in the canal space. Therefore intracanal medicaments have been used in RCT. There are several intracanal medicaments which have been tested; out of which calcium hydroxide is the best but it also has various limitations/disadvantages. Certain new materials which can be used as intracanal medicaments have been advocated, such as bioactive glass, Triple antibiotic paste, PDA, etc. This article aim’s to highlight uses and limitations of calcium hydroxide as well as the recent advances in intracanal medicaments. Success of the root canal treatment lies on 1) Biomechanical preparation of the root canals 2) Depuration 3) Obturation. Intracanal medicaments plays an important role in destroy.

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