Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
eISSN No. 2347-2367 pISSN No. 2347-2545

Intra-canal Pressure Produced by Three Irrigation System: A Comparative Study

Author(s): Linz A Shalan, Hussain F Al-huwaizi, Abdalbseet Ahmad Fatalla, Ammar Saleem Hameed


Background: The aim of this study was to measure intra-canal pressure produced by different irrigation systems: Open end needle with syringe, open end needle attached to pressurized water device (Aqua-pick 300) and Sonic irrigation system (Endoactivator) and to evaluate the ability of pressurized water to be used as intra-canal irrigation technique.

Materials and methods: A special model was made to resemble a tooth (20 mm in length and 5 mm in diameter) embedded in a resin block then 3 sensors were connected directly to the model at 5 mm, 10 mm and 15 mm above the sample end, the sensors were then connected to a computer; Group A irrigation made 18 mm inside the model, Group B irrigation made 16 mm inside the model, each group divided into 3 subgroups: 1: Open end needle+syringe, 2: Open end needle+Aquapick, 3: Endoactivator. The data was read by Lab view program 2015 which analyzes pressure in millibar for 3 sensor areas the data then analyzed statistically by the ANOVA.

Results: Using ANOVA test there was intra-canal pressure produced by the irrigation systems used in this study but there were non-significant differences among the tested irrigation systems with high intra-canal pressure produced in the apical third in all tested groups.

Conclusions: Pressurized water technique can be used as an irrigation system during root canal treatment.

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