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Investigation in to the Efficacy of Ultrasonic Activation of the Solvent in Removal of Residual Obturation Materials in Endodontic Retreatment Procedures

Author(s): Sarah Muayad Mahmood* and Saif Alarab A Mohmmed


Complete removal of endodontic obturation materials and remnant from the root canal is the key to Endodontic retreatment success however no single method has shown to achieve this purpose so far. The aim of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of ultrasonic activation solvent as final irrigant in removal of residual obturation materials during endodontic retreatment procedure using protaper universal retreatment system. Using digital microscope and Scanning electron microscope SEM. forty lower premolars were selected and divided into five groups of 8 one control group without solvent the other groups were divided according to the solvent and the ultrasonic activation G1: without solvent, G2 orange oil without ultrasonic activation, G3 orange oil with ultrasonic activation, G4 chloroform without ultrasonic activation, G5 chloroform with ultrasonic activation. After retreatment the roots were split and examined under digital microscope for residual obturation materials then 3 samples of each group is examined under SEM for observation. The result showed significant difference between G4 and G5 compared to G1 and G2. Conclusion no method show complete removal of obturation materials however the use of solvent and ultrasonic activation enhance the removal of residual obturation materials.

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