Iran???s Need for Medical Tourism Development | 1813

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Iran???s Need for Medical Tourism Development

Author(s): Farhad Hemmati, Fatemeh Dabbaghi, Ghahraman Mahmoudi


Diversity, high quality, and low price of medical services in Iran, and its geographic locations and situation in the region are among the factors that contribute to attracting medical tourism in Iran. This study aimed to examine the impact of medical tourism on the development of Iran. This applied study was conducted in 2017 with the statistical population of health tourists in a year. Considering the unlimited population, Cochran's sampling formula was used to select 384 subjects. For this purpose, Iran was divided into five regions, and sampling was performed using the multi-stage cluster random sampling method. The construct validity of the questionnaire was confirmed using confirmatory factor analysis, and its reliability was confirmed using Cronbach's alpha of greater than 0.7. Data were analyzed using factor analysis by SPSS 18 and LISREL 8.50, and the final model was developed using mathematical models. The model was validated using confirmatory factor analysis. Factor analysis showed that medical tourism has an impact on the development of Iran. The ratio of chi-square to degrees of freedom was less than 3. RMSEA was 0.09, and normed fit index (NFI), non-normed fit index (NFI), incremental fit index (IFI), and comparative fit index (CFI) were higher than 0.9. Iran can enjoy a comprehensive development by employing a systematic and comprehensive medical tourism and taking into account its capabilities.


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