Isolation and Purification of Asparaginase from Proteus mira | 84652

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Isolation and Purification of Asparaginase from Proteus mirabilis

Author(s): Pallavi Sharma, Pradeep Kumar Choudhary, Namarata Pal* and Mohammed Mazher Ahmed


10 Bacterial strains were isolated from the soil which was collected from the garbage dump areas. The strains were screened for asparaginase production and the isolate AKNP03 2018 showing maximum L-asparagine hydrolysis was selected for further studies. The isolate AKNP03 2018 was identified as Proteus mirabilis based on Bergey’s Manual. Different production media were prepared and out of those NH4Cl production media was the best. It was further modified in terms of nitrogen, carbon sources, effect of metal ions and pH. Production of asparaginase was done by submerged fermentation and crude enzyme was purified by salt precipitation and dialysis.

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