Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
eISSN No. 2347-2367 pISSN No. 2347-2545

Knowledge and attitude regarding principles and practices of orthodontic treatment among general dental practitioners and nonorthodontic specialists of Saudi Arabia: A preliminary study

Author(s): Mohammed Odhayd Alnusayri, Kuraym Khalid KuraymAlenazi, Santosh R Patil, Kaladhar Reddy Aileni and Krishna A Rao


To evaluate and compare the knowledge and attitude of the general dental practitioners and non-orthodontic specialties about the orthodontic treatment. The present study was carried out among 1716 dentists who were further divided into two groups. The study Group I included of 1077 general dental practitioners with a bachelor degree and Group II comprised of 639 non-orthodontic specialists. The study was carried out with a structured questionnaire, which comprised questions regarding the knowledge and attitude regarding orthodontic therapy. The scores were analyzed, and statistical analysis was done by applying Student’s t-test. A significant difference regarding knowledge and attitude score between general dental practitioners and non-orthodontic specialties (Student’s t-test, P < 0.001). When the comparison was carried out between male and female practitioners, more scores were observed among f male practitioners in comparison with females but the difference was not significant (Student’s t-test, P > 0.01). The results of the study were satisfactory, and suggested a need for more clinically oriented teaching and training in terms of orthodontic principles and practice.

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