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Knowledge and Awareness amongst Dental Undergraduate Students Regarding CAD-CAM Technology in Central India: A Cross Sectional Survey

Author(s): Jaykumar Gade, Karan Jaiswal*, Megha Agrawal, Anand Agarkar, Anil Ingole and Sayali Dandekar


Introduction: Contemporary dentistry has progressed towards digitization and advancing towards computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology. Recently, the application of CAD-CAM technology in dentistry which includes field of prosthodontics has rapidly grown. But the budding dentists are unaware of the advancement in dentistry. Aim: The aim of this study was to assess knowledge and awareness amongst dental undergraduate students regarding CAD-CAM technology in Central India. Material and Methods: The study was carried out in Central India. A questionaire with total 17 questions including open and multiple-choice type was designed and validated by experts in the field. It was circulated using Google forms amongst 225 dental undergraduate students and the responses were recorded. Results and discussion: The present survey reveals that participants in the study were almost of 20-23 years of age. Amongst them, 65% students had CAD/CAM technology included in their curriculum. About 80% of the students had basic knowledge about the advantages of CAD/CAM technology over traditional technique and 89% of students were aware about the dental prosthesis that can be fabricated using CAD/CAM technology where 90% of students are willing to give time and efforts to learn chair-side CAD/CAM technology. Conclusion: On the basis of this study, the students were aware regarding digital technologies, but they lack certain clinical knowledge about them. Hence, the curriculum shall be modified and newer advancements shall be included to improvise the basic knowledge and clinical practice of the students in the upcoming times.

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