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Knowledge and Awareness on Emerging Infectious Disease Spread among Dental Students

Author(s): Mukil Sunil, Preetha S and Lavanya Prathap


Emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) are an enormous burden on worldwide economies and public health. Their emergence is thought to be driven in large part by way of socio-economic, environmental, and ecological factors however no comparative looks at has explicitly analyzed those linkages to apprehend worldwide temporal and spatial patterns of EIDs. The aim of the study is to assess the knowledge and awareness on emerging infectious disease spread among dental students. A survey-based questionnaire was done to create knowledge about emerging infectious diseases. A total questionnaire of 11 questions was collected by Google forms and the data was analyzed by SPSS software. The overall awareness of all subgroups was fair reporting correct answers. 89.7% of the respondents were aware of emerging infectious diseases. The study concluded that the majority are aware of emerging infectious diseases. 

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