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Knowledge, Attitude, and Perception Among Dentist's Toward Regenerative Endodontics: A Cross-sectional Survey

Author(s): M Zakirulla*, Najla M Alshahrani, Ohoud I Alqarni, Atheer Ali M Alhassan, Deena Ali O Alqahtani, Abdulrahman J Alwadei, Razan M Al Hajari, Hadeel A Al Manea, Aisha Ali M Alammari, Kholood S Algarni, Mohammed S Alamri, Adnan S Alasiri, Ahmad S Shafloot and Noof A Assiri


Background: This study aims to assess the knowledge, attitude, and perception among dentists toward regenerative endodontics. Materials & Methods: A cross-sectional study was carried out on a total number of 300 dental surgeons (Male=150; Female=150) participated in this study with age ranges from 20- to 55-year-old to know the knowledge, attitude, and perception among dentist's toward regenerative endodontics. Written informed consent was obtained from the participants after explaining to them the purpose of the study. The sampling method included in the study is a simple random sampling method. A self-administered structured questionnaire was developed, and the data was collected. Both descriptive and analytical statistical measurements were done. Results: The majority of participants, 189 (63%) were said that they have come across the term regenerative endodontics. 42% and 31% agreed that scaffolds and growth factors were used and included in the regenerative endodontics respectively. When asked about the participant's source of knowledge gathered information about regenerative endodontics, the primary source of information is from by attending conferences and CDE programs (38%), followed by academic teaching (26%). Conclusions: Regenerative Endodontic Procedures have emerged as good choice for the treatment of pulpal necrosis of immature teeth. There was a positive attitude towards regenerative procedures including stem cells and regenerative endodontics was observed among dentists. A regular training about regenerative endodontics was suggested for dentists.

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