Knowledge Attitude and Practice of using Personal Protective Equipment among Lab Technicians | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Knowledge Attitude and Practice of using Personal Protective Equipment among Lab Technicians

Author(s): Lekha and Hannah R*


Personal protective equipment (PPE) should be used by all healthcare providers, Supporting staff, laboratory staff and their own family, who offer to care for the patients with infections or communicable diseases. Contact with blood, body fluids, nasal discharge and droplets make them more prone for disease transmission. The Risks can be minimized by use of PPE if properly selected and worn by workers creating a safe and healthy workplace. The aim of the study is to determine the knowledge, attitude and practice of using Personal protective equipment among lab technicians. A cross sectional survey was conducted among 50 laboratory technicians. Self - administered questionnaires were designed based on knowledge attitude and practice. The questions were distributed through the google forms. Responses were then tabulated and statistically analyzed. 79.2% of the population had 1-10 years of experience. 92.5% of the population says they follow the steps that were recommended by WHO for performing hand hygiene regularly.90.6% of the population say that a mask is personal protective equipment. We can conclude that although the knowledge regarding PPE is good among Lab technicians they need to be advised to use it appropriately in order to protect themselves and in turn protect their families.

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