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Knowledge, Attitude and Practices on the Use of Face Mask in the City of Jeddah

Author(s): Amit Vanka*, Sereen Saleh Aljebali, Marah Fouad Bardi, Mohammed Yaser Alhatlani, Talal Hussein elkhyat and Othman Wali Shanthi Vanka


Aim: To evaluate the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of using face masks to limit the spread of COVID-19 among citizens
and residents in Jeddah.
Methodology: A cross-sectional analytical study was conducted in Jeddah. Electronic questionnaire survey was used
to collect data. A total of 18 questions on demographic data, knowledge, attitude, practices and barriers related to the
use of masks were framed. The questionnaire was pilot tested.
Results: A total of 460 citizens and residents from the city of Jeddah participated in the study. Highest number of
participants believed that vaccinated (1/2 doses) or previously infected individuals must still wear a mask (84.1%) and that
mask wearing by infected individuals reduces its spread (90.9%). Participants strongly believed that even those without
COVID-19 must wear a mask (93.9%). The hijab/scarf was believed to be a replacement for mask by some (35.2%) or not by
others (48.7%), with 16.5% unsure. Majority of the participants (83.5%) believed that they are wearing the mask correctly
at all times and that wearing a mask is an important method of preventing spread of corona (95.4%). The duration of mask
wearing generally ranged from 1-4 hours, and difficulty in breathing was the most commonly reported barrier to mask
Conclusion: The knowledge score on mask usage was high. Practices were satisfactory but certain aspects needed further
reinforcement to optimize mask usage.

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