Knowledge Based Awareness on Precaution Measurement of Obesi | 83067

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Knowledge Based Awareness on Precaution Measurement of Obesity among the Patients and their Care Takers

Author(s): AR Bharathi*


Patient attenders will not maintain the dietary habits they are not having the habits of exercise, and maintenance of diet. In 30 years they got a diabetic Mellitus. The present study aimed to assess the knowledge regarding Obesity among 20 -30 years age group at Hindu Mission Hospital Tambaram. Our results indicate that a large proportion of patients and their care taker lacking much awareness regarding the importance of exercise and associated dietary habits. These findings emphasized the urgent need to develop national strategies for the prevention, detection, and treatment of overweight and the metabolic syndrome, to reduce the societal burden of cardiovascular disease in population.

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