Knowledge of causative agent of tuberculosis among TB patien | 1321

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Knowledge of causative agent of tuberculosis among TB patients in Jaipur district (Rajasthan)

Author(s): Shobha Tomar, Dharmendra Mandarwal, Brajeshkumar Chahar, Sumit Ahluwalia


Background: Tuberculosis is known since ages and its causative agent was discovered eight to nine decades ago and still misconception is present regarding its cause in India. India is facing TB epidemic at present.

Objective: To assess the knowledge of Tuberculosis in patients regarding causative agent of the disease.

Results: Total 300 TB patients participated in the study, 75% were male and 25% were female, 60% were married and 25% were unmarried 15% were widow or widower, 77% were Hindu and 22% were Muslims, 49% were literate and 51%were illiterate, 59% patients belonged to social class IV. 56% of patients knew the causative organism, 72% of the female don’t know the causative agent. 71% to 73% literate patients knew about the causative agent. Evil eye (56%), past sins (52%) was main myths as cause of TB. Lower socio economic class had more myths about the causative agent (23% in class IV) (58% in class V).

Conclusion: In poor country like India emphasis must be paid regarding awareness of tuberculosis among poor and low socioeconomic group people and patient.


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