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Knowledge of Vital Pulp Therapy in Primary Teeth Among Dental Interns in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Author(s): Omar Saleh, Ebtissam Murshid, Ahmed Alzahrani*, Hisham Aqeel, Mona Alsaykhan, Sarah Alsougi and Oula Tashkandi


Purpose: To assess the knowledge and practices regarding different approaches of vital pulp therapy in deciduous teeth among dental interns in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Methods: 268 Randomly selected dental interns from 5 different universities in Riyadh participated in the study. A self-designed, close-ended questionnaire was distributed to each participant. Responses were coded in a spreadsheet software and statistically analyzed using chi-square tests.

Results: Majority of the participants were females, from Riyadh Elm University and treated pediatric patients on a weekly basis. No significant difference was found in knowledge with respect to gender of participants but a significant difference in knowledge was found with respect to university they studied in.

Conclusion: Knowledge of dental interns in most areas of VPT like; choice of treatment in different clinical scenarios and choice of materials for each therapy was found adequate in this study.

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