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Life-style practices related to health promotion among adult males in urban areas of Jamnagar city, Gujarat

Author(s): Sudip Bhavsar, Amrita Sarkar, Rohit Ram, Pradeep Pithadia, J.P. Mehta, Dipesh Parmar


Background: Many countries have adopted health policies that are targeted at reducing the risk factors for chronic non-communicable disease. These policies promote a healthy population by encouraging people to adopt healthy life style behaviour. This paper examines the life style practices related to health promotion among adult males in Jamnagar city.

Material & Methods: It was a community based cross-sectional study, carried out between June to December 2012. Total 400 subjects were interviewed from all the 17 urban wards of Jamnagar city by using pre tested, semi structured questionnaires.

Results: Highest numbers (39%) were in the age group of 20-30 years, 66% were graduates and 50.5% were doing service. Majority of the subjects were consuming green leafy vegetables more than 3 times in a week. High intake of oil and salt was observed in majority of the subjects. 63% of the subjects were physically inactive, 15.3% were taking smokeless tobacco products while 3.8% were smokers.

Conclusion: Majority of the subjects were physically inactive, having unhealthy dietary pattern.

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