Management of Fluid Therapy in Children | Abstract

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Management of Fluid Therapy in Children

Author(s): Meysam Chahkhoei, Marziyeh Khalili, Masoumeh Mohammadian Behbahani, Somaye Ganjalivand and Soamyeh Bashti*


Introduction and Objective: Pediatric venous nursing care is defined as the application of nursing process in relation to clinical care of children's venous fluid. Management of proper fluid therapy in children can facilitate the process of treatment. Considering this issue, conduct the researcher to this study with the aim of reviewing the management of fluid therapy in pediatric nursing.

Methods: All studies conducted during the years 2005-2017 using the keywords of fluid therapy, fluid therapy in, childrens fluid, serum, pediatric emergency, intravenous fluids from databases of the country and abroad, including magiran, SID, Medlib, CINHAL, PubMed, Scopus. Data were analyzed using meta-analysis.

Results: 20 studies were conducted to determine the management of fluid therapy in children. Ultimately, management of intravenous fluid therapy in children was discussed in disorders such as infectious diseases, burns, trauma, and icterus.

Conclusion: Selection of the type, time and volume of fluids received by the medical staff is very important, so further research in this area with conducting training classes for nurses suggested by the researcher to manage intravenous fluid therapy.

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