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Maternal and Neonatal Complications following Cesarean Section Delivery: A Systematic Review

Author(s): Mohammed Essam A Sabbahi* and Essam Adnan A Abukhshba


Objective: A growing number of research on maternal and neonatal associated complications following cesarean section delivery; nevertheless, there is no clear consensus on prevalence of cesarean section complication. The goal of this systematic review was to determine the significance of maternal and neonatal outcomes and complications following cesarean section delivery. Methods: Authors began with recognizing the important examination proof that spots light on the maternal and neonatal complications following cesarean section. We led electronic writing look in the accompanying data sets: Ovid Medline (2005 to present), Ovid Medline Daily Update, Ovid Medline in process and other non-filed references, Ovid Embase (2005 to present), The Cochrane Library (latest issue) and Web of Science. Just examinations in English language will be incorporated. The precise selection was acted in close collaboration with a clinical examination curator. Conclusion: The level of evidence for bleeding and blood transfusion was rated as low, whereas it was rated as moderate for postpartum infection and maternal mortality. Cesarean sections should thus be conducted with prudence and safety, particularly when the advantages outweigh the hazards of a surgical treatment.

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