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Medical Student as Medical Practitioner during Pandemic: Boon or Curse

Author(s): Vijeta Shukla and Sarika Dakhode*


Background: Coronavirus 2019 boosted health education. Due to increased unpredictability and disassociation about the suitable role of medical student during the epidemic, student participating in medical care has been diverse across institution. Some medical colleges prohibit any contact with the sufferer, while some hire student based on hospital found activities or undergraduates from medical school to work early under senior staff members in the delivery of health care and are included in the team.

Summary: Government, regulating agencies and medical school all has a great responsibility in their hands to both present as well as future patients to ensure that our medical student as physicians are adequately taught and supported to provide essential care to patients during normal as well as in the most difficult situations. Because of the unprecedented pressure on health care system during COVID violence many undergraduate medico students around the world volunteer to help in hospitals. However, in this uncertain time, fore thought and transparency is essential.

Conclusion: Since the present epidemic comes with new challenge every day, there isn’t any problem to keep our health care system up to standard. Failure in consideration of the role of our medical students now makes current and future students lose believe in the managing authorities. Various acceptable methods of clinical experience vary from departmental medical institutes to hospitals. Medical schools must consider potential impacts and potential differences in students during the recruitment of students as practitioner in the current situation.

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